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How Drug Abuse May Lead to Domestic Violence

How Drug Abuse May Lead to Domestic Violence

What is Drug Abuse?
Narcotics – or ‘drugs’ – are defined as illegal substances whose usage, possession, and exchange is classified as criminal offense. Within the realm of narcotics, various types of drugs exist; each individual drug retains an individual level of additive properties, effects of usage, and physiological ramifications resulting from its respective usage. Drug abuse is classified as the illicit, improper, or excessive usage of illegal drugs, as well as controlled substances.
Controlled Substances and Drug Abuse
Controlled Substances are defined as items whose usage and possession is inherently legal only in the event that the individual in possession is in ownership of the expressed, authoritative permission to do so; individuals engaging in the usage or possession of such substances are liable to be charged with drug charges congruent with illegal drug charges. 
For example, a prescription for pain medication from an accredited physician allows an individual to be in possession of such medication; the illegal sale of that medication to authorized individuals is considered to be a crime – regardless of a substance classified as illegal or controlled, addiction or excessive usage is classified as drug abuse.
Drug Abuse and Domestic Violence
Although an abuser may not be abusive in nature, drug abuse or drug addiction may elicit abusive behaviors and activities; the following types of domestic violence or spousal abuse may result from the effects of drug abuse undertaken by one or both partners in a romantic relationship:
Neglect and Drug Abuse
Drug abuse may lead to excessive usage or addition to narcotics, resulting in the irresponsible spending of monies or funds, as well as the theft of monies belonging to a partner of a romantic relationship. As a result, neglect is described as delinquency with regard to the provision of the well-being and welfare with a romantic partnership.

Emotional Abuse and Drug Abuse
Emotional and Psychological will typically include verbal insult or emotional debasement; the effects of abuse of this nature is considered to be amongst the most difficult to identify.
Sexual Abuse and Drug Abuse
Sexual Abuse may contain inappropriate sexual activity undertaken with a spouse or partner, including spousal rape, sexual harassment, and molestation.
Physical Abuse and Drug Abuse
Physical Abuse may include the assault, attack, and harming of one or both partners of a romantic relationship through the use of force, violence, or any other variety of physical means intended for bodily harm; physical trauma and injury are common effects of abuse of this nature

Reporting Drug Abuse and Domestic Violence

Despite the alarming numbers expressed within available Domestic Violence Facts, many Domestic Violence acts go unreported; in the event that an individual has been made aware of ongoing Domestic Violence, or has been involved within Domestic Violence cases that have occurred in the past, they are encouraged to contact their local authorities or law enforcement department in order to report the details of the offense:
A multitude of resources and assistance exist; please contact the appropriate government department, such as the National Domestic Violence Hotline through their 24-hour telephone number: (800) 799-7233
To report addiction or drug abuse, please contact the Partnership for a Drug-Free America through their telephone number (212) 922-1560